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WOW! Quality Control Like This is Really Reassuring

AddDate:2017-09-16 15:09:29

    I have always wanted to try parachuting, finally, I have tried. But I could not be able to try other things, because the parachute fails to deploy correctly!

    After endured hardship to save my money, I finally bought a car. But I flipped over in the ditch, because steering failures.

    What could be more disgusting than found a fly in a moon-cake? Yes, after a bite, and you found…

    All these illustrate the importance of quality.

    A small mistake makes eternal regret! If you use ZS Power’s products, however, you will never have such regret, then here comes the question, how dose ZS carry out this commitment? Editor, myself, is also very curious. So, please come with me, check it out!


High and low temperature starting test       


    What’s wrong with the ZS people? In August, hot summer day, when eggs can be fried on the ground, these people wearing greatcoat to do the test. That’s what I saw once me first arriving at the laboratory. After consulted with ZS R&D engineer, I learned that they are doing low temperature starting test for the gasoline engine, which later will be used on the snowblower, at the special laboratory at twenty degree below freezing zero.

    In ZS Power, each product at development phrase, R&D engineer will customized the engine for the end product based on the laws and regulations of the customer’s country. Therefore, as what we saw, they are in every possible way to damage the machine just like picture below:

Mower impact test

Or like this:

 No oil test

Dust and sand blow test

Vibration test

    And other extreme tests.

    All those tests are terrified to me, but only in this way, qualified products produced by ZS Power can marketed with the customers all over the world. Not only that, parts quality control, testing and inspection methods on the batch products in ZS Power are also made me astonished. Adhering to the concept of “Accurate inspection, Scrupulous assembly and Precise measurement”, ZS Power controls their products quality strictly based on the TS16949 quality management system in mass production and supplier chain.

Three-coordinates measuring machine

3D scanner

Carburetor flow test bench

Camshaft profile test machine

Evaporation and emissions inspection


Professional analysis on emissions 

    ZS Power committed to achieve the “Global supplier of general power solutions”, and over the past decades, there are 15 million qualified products have been sold in USA, and none of them have excessive emission issue in sampling on EPA and CARB by American government.

    Wow! With this kind of quality control, we are really confidence with ZS Power products!

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