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How is the first EuroⅤ Emission Certificate in the world looks like?

AddDate:2017-10-09 16:44:34

    Recently, the Spanish Ministry of Transportation officially issued ZS Power engine NP130, NP150 of the first EuroⅤ emission certificate, which means that ZS Power products officially entered the EuroⅤ emission era.

    We following to bring you a fresh taste, and to find out this first EuroⅤ certificate really looks like.

    Next, I will take you to check out the NP130, NP150 why sacred. Wow! At first glance it is exquisite style attracts me. Not exaggerated at all, both NP130 and NP150’s dimension is only 307 × 295 × 240 mm, weighs only 7.2 kg, it can be described as light and Mini compared with similar products in the market.

Only a little bigger than a basketball

    NP130&NP150 is one series of independently developed green products of ZS Power in recent years. The design is positioning quite clear. With ZS Power team’s continuous optimization and innovation , these two models used the advanced no-iron-sleeve technology, which controlled the emission level within the EuroⅤ Emission Limit. And the use of newly and unique designed muffler and all nylon gears, effectively reduced the exhaust noise and mechanical noise. Therefore they represent green and quiet product.

    In addition to the excellence of products, ZS Power team also works very hard on the research of emission standards. After the release of the EuroⅤ emission standard on September 16, 2016, the special team was set up by top management to study and digest the regulations. The team also makes a detail product transformation program and upgrading solution for the next three years in future.  April 13, 2017 EU released  the EuroⅤ implementation details, ZS Power team immediately adjusted and upgraded the test conditions, emissions calculation methods according to the implementation details.

    The first EuroⅤ emission test sample NP150, went through the site witness test of Victoria and Idiada third-party certification organization. After the check sum audit, all the emission test equipment and test conditions, as well as the calculation method of ZS Power test center that owns CNAS qualification are in line with the EuroⅤ regulations, which are recognized by the third-party certification organization. All the application documents went through a rigorous review, and finally Spanish Ministry of Transport issued the world's first E9 EuroⅤ certificate to Chonqing Zongshen General Power machine CO.,LTD on 25th,Sep.2017.

    The first E9 EuroⅤ certificate is in terms of big significance for ZS Power, because it is the best affirmation of whole ZS Power team strength. For China's small general power machinery industry, we believe it is also very significant, because it is also the best recognition to the Chinese engine of green products.

    We are here to memorize!

   At last I have to repeat, 

   Excellent products, made by ZS Power!

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