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Exclusive overseas live│ZS POWER Stunningly appear in Las Vegas

AddDate:2019-05-10 17:17:20

Local time, May 7, 2019,NATIONAL HARDWARE SHOW is grandly held in Las Vegas.This exhibition is one of the largest and most famous professional exhibitions of hardware tools and garden instruments in the world, it attracts the world's highest level of exhibitors and buyers every year. ZS POWER obviously won't miss the one-on-one pageant to contact with customers intimately.

Entering the exhibition and approaching ZS POWER, relaxing and comfortable business negotiation atmosphere and spirited products display all show true friendship with old and new friends.
At this exhibition, ZS POWER brings power and terminal solutions for household and commercial use, the products include engines, generators, pressure washers and water pumps.

It can be seen from the scene that mainstay product BQH2000-A inverter silent generator attracts lots of visitors and wins numerous reputation by its smart and compact appearance, the perfect advantages of frequency conversion voltage regulation and super quiet, and the excellent function supporting multiple parallel.

Careful fans of Zongshen should aware, BPB4000 which represents inverter portable series also came to the exhibition site across the ocean. Fuel-saving and easy-to-start are the distinguishing features of this machine, it saves more fuel by adopting the latest technology stepping motor. The permanent- magnet motor with copper stator provides a comfortable start-up experience. The BPB4000 as a member of the inverter family, the stable voltage and ultra-low noise are of course indispensable.

In addition, another mainstay product - GB1000 for engineering level is also deeply concerned by buyers.The design of V-type and two cylinders with top double cavity carburetor, achieves 999cc large displacement and strong power. As a commercial grade power, GB1000 has excellent performances such as double filtration system, long durability and good lubrication. It is undoubtedly an ideal choice for commercial use.

Of course, there are more than a dozen classic products that also have their own characteristics, they attract visitors with different highlights.

The exhibition will end on May 9th, but the brilliance never ends. ZS POWER will insist on creating value for customers with technological innovation, providing consumers with more convenient tools to make life enjoyable and work easy!

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