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The 126th Canton fair

15th ——19th OCT.2019


C36-37,D11-12 3.1 EXHIBITION AREA

Since this is the first show, of course here is a little mystery.

Since this is the notice, of course here is some shocking news.

The complete introduction will be left for face to face communication in site.


Silent inverter generator BQH4000,as an important notice. It's not a unique invention,neither a cool high end product, but we are sure, you will fall in love with it at first sight, and even exclaim: too approachable!

Due to its advantages, the silent inverter generators become more and more popular in the market. With its stable voltage and portability, it has a wide range of application,it can be used as temporary power supply for home, construction site, mobile store, street performance, travel camping and so on. However, with regard to such a full blown product, consumers still expect a product similar but easier to use, easy easier to carry, durable and well constructed, even has a better appearance design.

So, finally someone asked a question : Is there a generator designed for me?

It should not be too heavy, can be lifted by one person, and easily placed in the car trunk.

It should not be too large, so that the trunk or storage room can have more space to accommodate other equally important items.

It should not be designed too complicated, it is very important that won’t cause me trouble.

It should designed to be distinctive, which makes people feel happy all the time.

In order to meet your long-standing expectation, BQH4000 silent inverter generator comes for you.

l Compact design: Net weight 32kg, lightest one among the similar products, easy to carry! The dimension is 32% smaller than similar products, winning more effective usable space.

l The optimum structure: the overhead extendable handle can be handled without bending over;High quality bottom wheel configuration to avoid getting stuck in the grass and mud;The large-capacity integrated control panel is clear and easy to read.

l Personality appearance: Excellent surrounded design, calm blue, with black components, so that the appearance of highlight fashion and steady force, distribute a unique temperament.


Among the new products in the Canton Fair, in addition to the BQH4000, the inverter generator family also brings an excellent and modest portable inverter generator-- BPB4000 .

l Generator frame: Smaller and lighter body design, easy to carry or load by one person, make your work to be easier.

l Intelligent control of speed, more fuel-efficient: With its unique structural design combined with intelligent control of speed technology, the fuel-saving effect is obvious, and the running noise is also lower than the similar products.

l High-quality power with safely connected:The new inverter technology makes THD<3%, meets EMC (electromagnetic interference) requirements, you can connect electrical equipment safely and securely.

l Support parallel connection, on-demand planning:A single generator can be put into different working occasions. When the temporary high power is needed at once, the BPB4000 can help you achieve twice power output through multiple parallel connections to solve the urgent needed.

Also worth looking forward to, portable generator PS3700D with new appearance, which can be used for not only ordinary portable generator, but also dual-fuel generators. In addition, ZB8000EA professional job-site generator are developed for the professional and specific market:

l New height of the face value: PS3700D new appearance, used for both portable generators and dual fuel generators, good compatibility makes it unique and glamorous.

l Fuel switching freely:The relief valve is integrated with the carburetor, and the fuel conversion process is smoother. It realizes the attractive experience of switching fuel without extinguishing in the mounted state, and feels the technical charm.

l Safe and guaranteed:When the generator is turned off, the internal system will cut off the input of LPG at the same time, so that safety is never absent all the time.


l New appearance:The "S"-shaped frame, 38mm thick pipe diameter, while drawing out the dynamic body, highlights the hard and reliable, so that the appearance is more personalized.

l Oversized panel: widened panel occupying 1/2 of a single side, providing more work possibilities, adding different types of socket configurations, and operating space is also wider.

l Open design: The generator breaks through the classic frame, the open view, the fuel tank and the power are integrated, and attached equipment is not limited by the frame.

Above is all the notices,for more information, welcome to the Canton Fair ZS POWER booth.:C36-37,D11-12 3.1 EXHIBITION AREA. Invite you to join us, witness the first show.

Exhibition preview

MITEX will be held on November 5th-8th. At that time, ZS POWER is waiting for you with high-quality products.

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