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    September 13th 1:00 A.M, Apple held Autumn Presentation Event. Since coming to existence of the first generation of iphone in 2007, Apple has sold 1.17 billion handsets within 10 years. What glamour is it that makes numerous Nokia fans turn to iPhone? The answer is that all 1.17 billion sets of iPhone are brimming with "Specialization"

    What exactly “Specialization “is? It is nothing the same but the appearance. ZS Power embarks from research and endeavors to provide our customers with "Specialized" products. The editor then will lead you to reveal the mystery.

R&D Building

Patent Wall

    As soon as I arrived at the Research Center, I was stunned by the magnificence of the building. Inside the building, apart from the grandeur hall, my attention firstly went to a wall with numerous patent certificates, and spontaneously, a sense of worship roused deep from my heart. In the R&D office, engineers were busy with all kinds of designing. The editor immediately found the person in charge for detailed information. I learned that the design and develop of each product is customer-oriented, market-based and systematic. 

    First of all, engineers would have thorough communication with the sales department and then go through conceptual design according to customers' national or regional characteristics, preferences and functional needs. 

Sketch of Shape Design

2D Rendering

3D Structure Design

    Do you really think that the design of shape and internal structure are completed? NO! Doing these can only solve the "similar appearance" issue; it's never that easy to endow a general power product with "Specialization". A "Specialized" product should be extraordinary in performance to satisfy the customers' critical eyes and tailored taste. To overcome the difficulty, engineers have "secret weapon"--Simulation Analysis System. Engineers will take both performance requirements for applications and actual operating condition into consideration, and then import 3-D model to professional software, for instance, structural mechanics analysis, to conduct simulation operation analysis. It can analyze parts' structure stress and force transmission regularity, which help the designers to perfect the parts' imperfections.

Structural Mechanics Analysis

    Fluid analysis is adopted to simulate the integral fluid mechanic issues as flow and related virtual physical phenomena, for instance, the operating state of engine cooling fan, flow field pressure and velocity distribution, total pressure loss of fan cooling system and calculation of fan flow etc.。

    With the help of model analysis, engineers will reasonably adjust the size of parts and even change the structure to have each product a "Specialized" heart underneath the seemly similar surface. Bravo, our excellent engineers! During the developing phrase, simulating the working condition of each part cannot only "Specialize" the product, effectively avoid failures, but also optimize quality before schedule to make Zongshen products born "top students".

    3D modeling is completed, but how to put virtual designs into an actual product?With a question mark, I asked the engineer next to me. He told me that it's far to that step, before production, we must first have a prototype. I learned that Zongshen adopted 3D printing equipments and rapid prototyping technology to fabricate engineering prototypes. Yes, you are right, that's long heard 3D printing equipments. What true eye opening experience it is!

3D Printer

Engineering Prototype

    Before prototype manufacturing and product approval, the engineers spend numerous days and nights conducting all kinds of tests and personalized modification to constantly optimize the match between engineering prototypes and applications to meet the customers' needs. Only with these premises fulfilled, a personalized product can be finalized.

    Underneath the plain surface, there are so many unnoticed designs, no wonder that positive comments unanimously come to Zongshen products, and these designs become the secrets of reliable, comfortable and safe service that ZS Power provides. Excellent product, I trust Zongshen made.

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