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Entering Columbia, ZS Power Training is on the Move

AddDate:2017-09-26 11:54:51

        "Customer-focused"--offering our customers services, 2017, ZS Power entered into Columbia to provide after-sale service training, which was highly complimented.


Conducting after-sale service training for Spanish speaking Columbians, language is undoubtedly a barrier, but our trainers have special techniques. The training, accomplished on the basis of "customer orientation, actual objects demonstration rather than oral explanation", includes not only internal combustion engine fundamentals but also taking the most representative and mostly ordered 6.5HP/13HP engines and 2.5KW generators as examples to make common failures analysis and on-spot troubleshooting. Replacing hollow PPT reading with actual objects disassembly, analysis and explanation can leave trainees a deeper impression. During the training, we reproduce some major and common after-sale issues as class discussion and make interactions with trainees to enable them to master service skills and further their understanding of general engines.



"It's nourished without a sound", as long as more than 7 hours of training, trainees are not bored by language barriers. The difficulties of interpretation give ways to simple and effective practice demonstration, which enable trainees to have more direct understanding of general engines. The simulation tests and award-winning quizzes mobilize trainees' interests allowing them to spend the training session in happy and relaxed state of mind. From the training, ZS Power's response to the customers' needs not only let them feel our sincerity and realistic character and effectively enhanced bilateral trade relationship, but also positively promoted and demonstrated ZS Power's professionalism and concentration on the field of small internal combustion engines, which were highly praised by Columbia customers.


 When all hard efforts were repaid by smiling faces, all worries vanished. Seeing their true smiles, no matter how much the hardship had been through, that's worth it. At the end, our customers stated that they would have deeper and more comprehensive cooperation with ZS Power and play to the strengths of each side to enhance mutual cooperation with more practical significance for strengthening the ties to strategic cooperative partnership and long-term development.

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